Install XAMPP

Posted on 27 diciembre, 9:59 pm
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You guys asked me to create an updated tutorial on how to install XAMPP, so here it is. I wanted to cover…

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28 Responses to: Install XAMPP

  1. mayo 13th, 2016

    I think i have followed everything correctly but when i go to the addstudent.php the forms do not appear only first and last name columns

  2. mayo 14th, 2016

    I have a problem connecting with the MySQL server, it says
    Problem detected!
    [mysql] Port 3306 in use by ""C:Program FilesMySQLMySQL Server 5.7binmysqld.exe" –defaults-ile="C:ProgramDataMySQLMySQL Server 5.7my.ini" MySQL57"!
    [mysql] MySQL WILL NOT start without the configured ports free!
    Can you help me please?

  3. mayo 15th, 2016

    if(isset($_POST['submit'])){ $data_missing=array(); if(empty($_POST['first_name'])) { $data_missing[]='First Name'; }else{ $f_name=trim($_POST['first_name']); } if(empty($_POST['last_name'])) { $data_missing[]='Last Name'; }else{ $f_name=trim($_POST['Last_name']); } if(empty($data_missing)){ require_once('../mysql_connect.php'); $query="INSERT INTO students (first_name, lastname) VALUES(?,?)"; mysql_stmt_bind_param($stmt,"ss",$f_name,$l_name); mysql_stmt_execute($stmt); $affected_rows=mysql_stmt_affected_rows($stmt); if($affected_rows==1) { echo 'Student Entered'; mysql_stmt_close($stmt); mysql_close($dbc); }else{ echo 'Error Ocurred
    '; echo mysql_error(); mysql_stmt_close($stmt); mysql_close($dbc); }else{ echo 'You need to enter the following data
    '; foreach($data_missing as $missing){ echo "$missing
    "; } } } ?>
    Something is wrong here

  4. mayo 18th, 2016

    AT the 8:03 mark Derek opens 2 screens. On the right is the control panel….I can get that to open… on the left is 'local host' ( I think) and he has the welcome page to xampp. I cannot find that page to open it… Any help greatly appreciated. I can find the local host by going to Computer C Local host xampp…. but then when I double click xampp I get the contents of the folder I do not get to the dashboard. If I go to search in Local host and type in local host:1234/dashboard … I dont find what I'm after… THANKS AGAIN.

  5. mayo 19th, 2016

    I deleted xampp and tried to load it again. This time I turned off MS Security Essentials. I got the same problems as before PLUS… now MSSE will not restart. Have gone to services and it tries to start it but stops 1/3 the way through. This is not fun.

  6. mayo 24th, 2016

    10:37:45 PM [Apache] Apache Service detected with wrong path
    10:37:45 PM [Apache] Change XAMPP Apache and Control Panel settings or
    10:37:45 PM [Apache] Uninstall/disable the other service manually first
    10:37:45 PM [Apache] Found Path: "c:apache24binhttpd.exe" -k runservice
    10:37:45 PM [Apache] Expected Path: "c:xamppapachebinhttpd.exe" -k runservice


  7. mayo 30th, 2016

    I don't have FilterAdministratorToken too. But it worked with chrome. But i ran into at problem when i was suposed too make a new server. #1044

  8. mayo 31st, 2016

    Hey Derek.
    Your tutorial helped me a lot.
    I got nothing to say, except THANK YOU !
    I'm preparing a project for university and your job helped me very very much.
    Keep up the good job, smart boy !

  9. junio 1st, 2016

    Just a like a few others have in the past, I am having trouble at 11:00 to 11:20. I'm typing exactly what's in shown the field and yet I getting an error near GRANT and when I hit go I receive a "MySQL returned and empty result in zero lines" Do I really need to do all of these steps just test php and html programming for my programming class? Is there something simpler?

  10. junio 4th, 2016

    I have tried to get XAMPP working on my desktop many times, almost getting to the point of surrender! You have done an outstanding job with this tutorial. It has to be far and away the best tutorial I have ever attempted to use!!!!!!!

    Do you have a site where all your work is available?

  11. junio 7th, 2016

    Why all this mess with the administrator rights and open new user? You can just right click on xampp-control.exe and choose "run as administrator" (or SHIFT + right click if you can't see the "run as administrator" option) and boom – no errors on administrator rights.

  12. junio 8th, 2016

    Hey Derek, I followed your tutorial except for doing the admin user and regedits because I didn't have such errors and show up in the console and when ever I try and go to localhost in the address bar it just constantly loads and never finishes, any idea why? This happens with WAMP as well and I'm following everything exactly as stated.
    UPDATE: Now it just gets to "Unable to Connect" page

  13. junio 9th, 2016

    many but thank you very much friend saved my life. He had two days trying to solve this until finally you give me the solution. God bless you¡¡

  14. junio 14th, 2016

    Hey when I type in "localhost:1234/dashboard" it says ill need a new app to open this local host. Could you give me some advice please? :D

  15. junio 15th, 2016

    13:26:30 [mysql] MySQL Service detected with wrong path
    13:26:30 [mysql] Change XAMPP MySQL and Control Panel settings or
    13:26:30 [mysql] Uninstall/disable the other service manually first
    13:26:30 [mysql] Found Path: "C:Program Files (x86)MySQLMySQL Server 5.0binmysqld-nt" –defaults-file="C:Program Files (x86)MySQLMySQL Server 5.0my.ini" MySQL
    13:26:30 [mysql] Expected Path: c:xamppmysqlbinmysqld.exe –defaults-file=c:xamppmysqlbinmy.ini mysql

  16. junio 18th, 2016

    Hey Derek,
    Had a question. Did you figure out all these installation steps yourself? I was clear concise and very well done I was just wondering how you know how to do this so well. Thanks again awesome tutorial

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